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We offer many  services for you.

Our value proposition is to offer our clients with turn-key for their project needs both commercially and domestically. Our service driven approach ensures you are receiving the best possible customer service whilst we deliver successful results for your project.

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Our in-house Architectural Consultancy offers our clients the full creative and technical direction in order to satisfy their vision. 

We provide innovative, creative-led, forward-thinking design to deliver your vision and add long-term value to your project. Combining our technical knowledge and experience in both commercial and residential design.


Our design experience ranges across a wide variety of project types including Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Automotive, Pubs, Leisure, Aviation, Retail, Agricultural, Estate, Marine, Conservation and Mixed-use. 

FraiserLine operates in the latest BIM, COBie and 3D CAD systems. We work with the very latest digital systems to provide the best in coordination, team management and design production. 

Architectural Services

- Feasibility Studies

- Full Plan of Work framework

- Architectural Design

- Interior Design

- Concept Design

- Technical Design

- Building Regulations

- Planning Drawings

- Brand Experience Design

FraiserLine Planning



We provide full Planning services for all your property, estate and project proposals in order to value-add any development or improvement opportunity.

Our in-house planning expertise offers an optimistic, transparent and honest feasibility review for your property. We organise planning submissions, work with specialist disciplines or consultants, and act as the agent during submissions to the Local Planning Authority.

In addition to applications, we also provide support for all of the planning stages including undertaking pre-applications, the discharge of conditions and reserved matters. We also have experience in Change of Use applications and obtaining development permits.

We have worked with the following Local Authorities: Winchester, East Hampshire, Devizes, Westminster, Southampton, Wiltshire, Bracknell Forest, Coventry, Reading, Wokingham, Hart, Surrey Heath, Waverley, Guildford, Chichester, South Downs, New Forest, Newbury, Fareham

Planning Services

- Pre-application Support

- Planning Appraisals

- Planning Applications

- Planning Submissions

- Change of Use Applications

- Permitted Development

- Listed Building Consent

- Planning Appeals

- Lawful Development

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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning captures spaces and objects to form millimetre accurate three-dimensional information. Our scanning can remotely measure 3D detail quickly, unlike traditional survey methods.

Our cutting-edge scanning technologies capture millions of data points that form a 3D point-cloud. Laser Scanning is the perfect solution for buildings, objects, equipment or environments that are inaccessible or detailed. Laser Scanning captures all physical structures that the eye can see in a faster and more cost-effective process than physical surveys and also reduces the need of survey teams constantly returning to site.


The 3D point-cloud output can be simply viewed on a device, webhost or imported into CAD and BIM design software, depending on your specific project requirements.  

Capabilities: As-built Surveys, Building Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Forensics, Construction Inspection, Clash Detection, Bridge Surveys, Ship Surveys, Marine Surveys, Boat Hull Surveys, Heritage/Archaeology/Conservation Surveys, Movie/TV Set Surveys, Construction Monitoring, Building Surveys, Intrusive Surveys, MEP Surveys, Pipeline Surveys, Engineering Surveys.

3D Scanning Services

- 3D Point Clouds

- Measured Building Surveys (MBS)

- Scan to BIM

- BIM surveys

- Reality capture

- Asset Digitalisation

- Digital-Twins

- Scan to CAD

- Mesh Models

- Marine Surveys

- Heritage Conservation Surveys

- Clash Detection and Construction Verification



Project Management

FraiserLine works with a large project network and can offer tailored Project Management services to professionally oversee your proposal. 

Our Project Management approach ensures your project is delivered within a realistic work programme, respective to budget and Quality Standards. We work closely with our approved consultants and longstanding contractors to ensure project is handed over with your satisfaction in mind.


We have a network of professional resources including Topographical Surveys, where we can recommend the best consultants possible. 

FraiserLine works closely with Surveyors who can undertake Topographic Surveys of properties and land. Our longstanding recommended surveyors are highly qualified and experienced professionals that understand our workflows and high quality standards.